What to Wear to a Business Holiday Party

It’s impossible to know the exact atmosphere of your business and its expectations for dress at this year’s holiday party. But here are a few tips to lower your stress of the “perfect” business holiday party dress.

  1.     What is Business Casual Holiday Party Attire?

You want to look professional, but you still want to feel stylish in your holiday party outfit.

Take a cue from the style of your company. Make sure you are comfortable in what you choose to wear. Don’t be afraid to add a “pop.” That can be a pop of color, earrings, shoes or maybe it’s your purse. Texture is this season’s focus.

  1.     Color. Color. Color.

Jewel tones like emerald with gold; purple with silver – be creative (try to stay away from red)! Be bold! Stretch your comfort level just a bit. If you just can’t do a bold color do classic black and white outfit.

  1.     Go from Your Desk to the Party by Swapping out just a Couple of Things.

Shoes are the easy switch. Take those flats off and slip into stylish pumps – but make sure they are comfortable. No new shoes. This is not the time to break them in. Switch from a cozy sweater to a bell sleeve blouse. Take the stud earrings off and go with a dangle pair.

  1.     Use What You Already Have.

No time to shop? Tight budget? Add a statement piece. Sequined scarf, a daring necklace, sparkle shoes, a velvet purse or a faux fur. Anything with “jewels” or glitter.

  1.     Remember Lipstick.

Black Cherry Red been sitting in your drawer? Use it. Or check out the latest colors and buy a new holiday look with just a simple lipstick.

  1.     Think about Photos

What do you look best wearing? A pencil skirt to show off your shapely legs, sleeveless or sleeves, a monochrome look to make you look taller, thinner. Whatever but remember if you think it is too baggy, too tight, too short, too sheer, too flashy it is.

A company holiday party is not about what to wear to office holiday party, it’s about celebrating the hard work you and your co-workers have accomplished. Be comfortable in your success. Enjoy the night.

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