Wedding Elopement

Elopement: The Shortcut to your happily ever after.

Have a romantic ceremony with just a handful of those absolutely nearest and dearest to you. Think about those that have played a very important role in your life and relationship.

Elope in a location that is uniquely yours. Maybe it’s only significant to you two and its impact on your relationship. No one will suspect a thing…

Splurge. Go all out to have what you have always wanted.

Do everything you would do for a big wedding, just do it only for each other. See each other for the first time at the ceremony without hundreds of eyes watching, have a “reception” that is a dining experience, followed by “dancing” – holding & touching – to music that makes you ache to be even closer.

Many couples who consider eloping are attracted to the notion of having fewer details to coordinate so they can focus on their love, not the logistics. If that sounds like you, Extra Touch Event’s offers an all-inclusive elopement package.