Six Holiday Party Menu Ideas For The Office

Easy Way To Change The Menu At Your Corporate Party.

Which Corporate Holiday Party Did You Enjoy Most This Season?

If you are in charge of the next office party…

Here’s how to look like an event planner and get rave reviews!

SIX (6) easy and inexpensive way to change the menu and change your guest’s expectations.

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Corporate Event – Champagnes and Prosecco



Champagnes and Prosecco

#1 Instead of just serving wine and beer at your corporate party, why not include in the invitation or announcement assorted that champagnes and prosecco will be poured too? Bargains can be found at Trader’s Joe’s, COSTCO or your local store. Keep the choices to a minimum: dry, sweet and brut. Holiday party menu ideas should be creative.

Clear Cups

#2 Need a veggie tray? Skip the tray – use clear cups!  Cover the bottom of the cup (2 tablespoons or more) with dip. Place grape tomatoes in the center then add colorful 3 inch sliced veggies: English cucumbers, green and yellow peppers, celery, carrots.  Pre-cut vegetables are easy to find and save time. Be the imaginative corporate holiday party planner – decorate the cup sides with holiday stickers.

Thick Potato Chips

#3 Potato chips and dip are a basic go to appetizer. Using sturdy, thick cut chips, place in a microwave safe bowl or dish (maybe use a rectangular baking dish – remember we want to “mix it up” so forget the bowl – use a pan). Sprinkle olive oil and toss the chips. Once coated, shake onion powder and garlic powder on the chips. Toss again. On the lowest microwave setting, warm the chips. Just before serving scatter fresh dill over the top. A Greek yogurt dip with cucumber and ranch dip mix always pairs well.

Olives and Cheese

#4 Olives, Cheese, Crackers… Social event planners are mixing it up these days – letting the cheese marinate with the olives. Many corporate party events support ideas available online at extratouchevents.com.

Chicken Wings and Parsley

#5 It’s acceptable to serve chicken wings or spring rolls from your favorite restaurant. Just remove everything out of the package and plate. Toss some chopped parsley on the platter for a “confetti” look.

Fresh Cut Flowers and Cocktail Napkins Fresh Cut Flowers and Cocktail Napkins

#6 Use fresh flowers on the tables and place a bud vase in the bathrooms too. Twinkling candles and a festive tablecloth are easy additions. Don’t forget to have coordinating cocktail napkins everywhere. Make sure your playlist has several hours of music or stream music from your favorite platform.


Make your corporate holiday party work for you. If you have fun first, others are likely to join in. Create comfort for you and your guests at your office. Hate cooking. Creativity not your thing – don’t worry about it. Want someone to do it for you? Check out the best corporate event planners in Portland, Oregon: www. extratouchevents.com or call 503/757-7121.


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