Intimate Weddings

Intimate Wedding Celebrations have certain advantages.

It becomes a choice between cutting corners in order to have 150+ guests or cutting the list in half and having everything just the way you envision the day. Staying in your budget means you can have a couple more dozen roses in your bouquet.

A small wedding gives you the chance to really go all out. Keeping things small means the extra details are suddenly more accessible. Think boxes of chocolate instead of a single truffle and the best champagne rather than sparkling wine.

Know all your guests. Celebrate with the people most special to you. An intimate celebration can create an atmosphere to engage with your guests, share one-on-one time, tell stories everyone can hear and yet, be able to whisper in your spouse’s ear sweet nothings.

Creative location options are more abundant. Without hundreds of guests there are unique restaurants, settings with exquisite views, magical gardens, rustic venues, sailboats and yachts, clubs, beaches, back yards and rooftops.