Inexpensive Office Holiday Party Venues from Party Planners in Portland Oregon

Many social event planners consider booking hotel and meeting venues weekdays to save revenue. Some businesses don’t market their meeting spaces effectively, so you may have to look a little deeper to find the just the right place for your corporate team.

Corporate events destination – Look for different options.

  1. Small meeting rooms that are available Monday – Friday.

Most corporate meeting rooms are used during the day – not at night.

  1. Restaurants sometimes have a “backroom”.

    Holiday venue party

    celebration event

Ask your favorite restaurant if they have a private dining room.

  1. Obviously, an “early bird” rental is not an option, but check for mid-day rentals.

Mid-day allows for your employees to leave a little early which is always a welcome change in their day.

  1. Ask if AV Equipment is included.

Company social events often use AV equipment. This will save time and of course, money. Videos are popular and easy. Delegate that task to the office unofficial picture taker.

  1. Use your corporate event management skills to propose a continual corporate meeting discount.

Ask for 10% discount now if you also sign up to use the space for the next quarterly meeting. Venues want repeat customers. By repetition, you will get gain confidence and can add corporate events planner to your skill set.

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