Why you should host a Holiday Party for your Clients and Employees too?

You can use this opportunity to leverage and enhance your brand image plus forge stronger connections with key employees and clients. Put the time and effort to make it an event your employees/clients look forward to attending. It’s possible to host a stellar party without taking a chunk of time out of your year end schedule.

10 Tips that give the Extra Touch for hosting a Holiday Party your Clients will want to attend.

  1. Be sincere in your goal. If it is gratitude then show gratitude. If it for morale, build on the culture of morale and recognition.
  2. Send out invitations that promote this will be an event not to miss . Make them creative to create interest and not be ignored.
  3. Scheduling the date and time. Be thoughtful of others schedules. You will never select the “perfect” date but be mindful of the season, baby sitters and workloads. Honestly, Monday nights are usually open as everyone starts a week – but who doesn’t need something to look forward to at the end of a Monday.
  4. It is the details the EXTRA TOUCH that makes your party memorable. Get these ideas on paper and figure out how to make them work!
  5. Everyone expects good food – the presentation of the food makes a statement. Be sure to hire someone who knows the latest trends.
  6. Décor includes the napkins, wine glasses and theme. Customize the napkins, rent quality glasses and find a clever relatable visuals for your theme. Make it look appealing. In this Pinterest world photos will be taken and shared.
  7. Choose a select few items for your gift bag.
  8. Alcohol is always tricky and sensitive too. Offer a welcome cocktail choice of two or three beverages – include one non-alcoholic beverage. If serving dinner, close the bar and only pour wine during dinner.
  9. Be a good host. As the significant leader in your company it can be difficult on the day of the event. Naturally, you will be stressing about the details but you need to be mingling and engaging with your guests, and displaying a relaxed, calm atmosphere. If you are in control folks will know this is how you run your business / operation too – which will be a good reflection on you, your company and your brand. Offload these logistics to your EXTRA TOUCH EVENTS planner.
  10. Follow up with a thank you for attending email or note.

The choice is yours.

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