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Find Gifts Like a Party and Wedding Planner Professional

How to be a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Winner!!!! First, think like your “audience.” Shift your thinking to their likes and needs. Easier said than done I know. I looked in many of the…

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Holiday Gift Basket

12 holiday gift ideas – Best Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts? Client or Employee. Avoid hearing, “Not another water bottle!!!” Choose just the right One

Christmas guest having fun

Guests Having Fun

As an event host your top priority is the guests have fun. You…

stress free planning

Don’t be Stressed at your own Party

How to NOT be Stressed at your own Party. Tips from the Pros how to do event planning.

Holiday Party venue

Inexpensive Office Holiday Party Venues from Party Planners in Portland Oregon

Inexpensive Office Holiday Party Venues from Party Planners in Portland Oregon Many social event planners consider booking hotel and meeting venues weekdays to save…

Business people meeting

12 Successful Event Planning Details

Go over and over and over what is going to happen and NEVER think, “Oh there will be time for…”

Office party celebration

Corporate Holiday Parties

The corporate holiday parties are about APPRECIATION. And your attention to events and planning. • You need to decide -…

Christmas town

8 holiday color themes

8 Inspiring Holiday Color Themes. Red and Green AGAIN? Social event planners say grey is the hottest new “neutral” color. Add silver, white and…


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Host a Holiday Party

Why you should host a Holiday Party for your Clients and Employees too? You can use this opportunity to leverage and enhance…

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Finding Event Planner

Not Every Event Planner is the Right Event Planner for Everyone Large corporations have their go to corporate event management they seek…