As an event host your top priority is the guests have fun.

You want them to remember, “Wasn’t that holiday party the best (in years)?”

But the challenge is…holiday guests Christmas party


When do I have the time to plan a Christmas party? In 10 minutes, the best Portland event planner can be your solution.

A corporate event planner is right for you if:

• Your employees moan or freeze at the thought of adding “event planner” to their job description-again.

• You want your bottom line to not have overtime from your newly appointed “corporate event planners” employee(s).

Corporate event support is right for you if end of year demands are overflowing.

• Fully one-third (33%) of employees and managers report the pressure to get year-end tasks done as the aspect of the holidays they dislike the most.

DIY event planning seems like the best option if you don’t have the budget for a big holiday party.

• Yes, there are definitely places you can trim, and ways to save money on your holiday party. But sometimes, that still isn’t enough.

Soft costs you don’t see. Honestly, most basic holiday events take upwards of 15 to 20 hours – yes, those 15 and 20 minutes here and there add up!

Assign 2 employees (at least) to be the social event planners. Their pay scale = $25/hour each or $50/hour. At a minimum you are spending $750 – $1,000 for their unskilled party planning plus the overtime of what they didn’t get done during work hours…

At time and a half + $37.50 each x 20 hours = $750 for one employee or $1,500 for two for overtime PLUS the $750 – $1,000 for their party planning assignment. This equals a cost of $2,250 to plan the party – this does not include the day of coordination and set up or the food!


Most employee’s skill set is not corporate event management – or they would be event coordinators. They usually lack the contacts to obtain deals and add cost savings that could elevate the event. Consider if something goes wrong and needs adjusting. Do they have the experience to think on their feet to fix the problem so guests don’t notice?

Let a top Portland event planner, Extra Touch Events, plan your party so you can focus on that time crunch and then take a break to celebrate and share your joy of the season.

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