Golf Tournament

Golf Tournaments Have Lots of Moving Parts.

It is easiest to plan your tournament backwards, outlining what needs to be done from the actual day of your event to right now. To make large projects manageable – we break it apart into smaller, individual tasks.

Extra Touch Golf Events facilitates and manages all the operational tasks. Simply, this approach allows you and your respective golf committees to strictly focus on promoting your unique golf event – while we do the rest.

A customized plan outlines all the logistics. This includes action items that must evolve before and on tournament day.

Simplify and streamline the administration aspects associated with your golf event. Extra Touch makes your golf tournament planning organized and simple.

Players are going to expect a memorable experience. Golf event planning is about creating a fun golf day. Maybe we surprise them with an unexpected prize, competition or entertainment.

Our end game, to help your players remember the great time they had at your tournament and bring them back next year.