Not Every Event Planner is the Right Event Planner for Everyone

Large corporations have their ‘go-to’ corporate event management they seek assistance from in building impactful corporate events. Their event planning skills know how to match the feel and values of the organization. They are social event planners who are experts at multi-tasking and are skilled at corporate hospitality on all levels.event planner

Just as companies have “personalities” so do event planners. It requires a good understanding of the traits and competencies of a top event planner.

How do you find the best corporate event planner near me?

Before planning an event, formulate the vision for your event. Align these expertise qualities and personalities with your company’s event.

  1.     A corporate event coordinator knows HOW TO LISTEN. They listen to the message you want your event to have, the corporate values you want to showcase, and the theme. They can easily demonstrate they know how to transform ideas into a functioning event.
  2.     A smooth-running show. Realize you simply don’t have the right expertise or sourcing contract to power an efficient event. An experienced corporate event planner has tools and strategies to help build high-quality events.
  3. Madonna Suever, Event Planner    Know what you want, have an estimated budget. Does the planner have vendors, suppliers and venues at their fingertips to coordinate all the processes? Being mindful of the bottom line shows a level of interest in collaboration. Keep looking, it may take time to find an event planner…the right one!
  4.     Is your corporate event planner checklist driven? Exceptional planners have volumes of checklist for core planning, operational tasks and assigned responsibilities.
  5.     Does the planner have the skillset to align the décor to the theme of the event? Making clever decisions about small details like catering and venue navigation has a huge impact on the attendance experience.
  6.     Having to find a corporate event planner who is able to multitask gives your project a competitive edge and the attention it needs.
  7.     Are they able to match the feel of the corporate event and perceive the needs of the staff? Do they truly understand the work your employees do? Do they have a sincere appreciation of their efforts?
  8.     Do you have a gut feeling of trust? You should. You should genuinely like each other. Mutual consent.

Build A Relationship With An Event Planner

Not every event planner is a match. Does the meeting sound like the right fit for both of you? A seasoned event planner knows the clients they can help and the one’s that perhaps an alternative recommendation is best.

A true event planner LOVES what they do which usually means they respect their reputation and know when to suggest another source.

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