The corporate holiday parties are about APPRECIATION.

And your attention to events and planning.

• You need to decide – What is your #1 desired outcome?

• You have to make the party an actual perk!

Glasses with cocktails held by happy friends at party

• Show people that you are doing this for THEM. Make it an actual perk. Make them feel appreciated and motivated by making it convenient and fun, respecting their personal time, and giving them a break from work.

So when you are planning your holiday party, I suggest you first consider your #1 desired outcome to assist with event planning details.

Is it to: Thank people? Motivate people? Do team building?

You have make your party an actual perk!

As best as possible make the event planning details (timeline and scheduling) convenient scheduling (such as having the party at a day/time when workers are at work).

Here is the #1 Appreciation Party of the Holiday season.

Serve a thoughtful menu (noting dietary restrictions) luncheon closing with an invitation to take the afternoon off (with pay) to shop (including a gift card to a nearby store).

        That gift card could be for:

  1.     The employee
  2.     A thank you to the employee’s significant other for the understanding when your employee had to work late (maybe more than once)
  3.     For a charity family gift. Perhaps a purchase to add to the local food, coat or teddy bear drive

End the afternoon with a happy hour role call back at a close and convenient location so everyone can share what they purchased and toast to not only a day well done, but a year well done.

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