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How to be a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Winner!!!!

First, think like your “audience.” Shift your thinking to their likes and needs. Easier said than done I know. I looked in many of the assorted catalogs in the mail for “wish list” ideas. What would make their life easier and fun? What do they do for work, what time do they have to be at work? Shift your thinking back to them, not you. Christmas party event shopping is an important task to include in planning your event.50 percent off sale

I just purchased 40+ gifts for a corporate event. The 300 employees are mostly men but they are invited to bring their significant other. They too should be appreciated for the sacrifices they make so this employee can give 100%. Plus there are several female employees who deserve recognition.

These are family people so think what it’s like at home – just like your house. Out the door early with coffee. Perhaps no one else is up yet. Single K cup coffee makers are perfect. Quiet, no coffee sits around to go to stale. What about a video baby monitor? Make sure those loved ones are still tucked in tight before leaving. Can’t find keys again? Those tile GPS trackers are perfect stocking stuffers. Dinner can get started with slow-cooker. Pop that chicken in and presto. Most folks sit all day, so a chair back massager for the lumbar area is a thoughtful idea. Getting the idea in your new position as a Christmas Party Planner? Here are more…

Fitbit, wireless earphones, air fryer, fire pit, mini blue tooth speakers, waterproof speakers with Google Assist, video doorbell, video drone, Coleman grill, handheld vacuum, cutlery set.

The popular online box store sites had preview pages to study. Create a list of everything you “think” would be a good item. You can cross it off later if it isn’t a “fit” or too expensive. Keep it simple and easy for your new position as a Christmas party planner.wait in line for sale

Free shipping is expected.

Free shipping is expected. What is the turnaround time? You don’t have time to track down one package. Use a reputable company that you have had prior success with. This isn’t the time to try that new store. You don’t have an extra 20 or 30 minutes – aggravation not included – to hunt or correct if something goes wrong.

Become a Christmas party planner.

Become a Christmas party event planner. Research these items at just three online locations. I used two box stores and the popular Amazon. Does the least expensive also have the item on sale? Everything had to be additionally marked down from its Black Friday or Cyber Monday price to go in the ”cart.” Be sure to use a cash back credit card if you have one. Go back and forth, looking for similar items – researching why is this $20 less? Maybe the other is wireless. Is that acceptable? Is it back-ordered? Can it be wrapped for free? Keep a running tally of actual costs. And it’s fun to keep track of the money you saved.

Ready, set – SHOP! WAIT!

  1. Verify your available credit. Don’t go to all the work only to use credit card that is near its limit.
  2. Look for special delivery instructions before placing your order – indicate the best spot to hide dropped off packages.

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