Meet the person who makes planning a Portland event an unforgettable experience.

Prepare For WOW!

From a super sweet 16 party to large and lavish social gatherings to intimate parties, even the smallest of gathers requires planning. Madonna loves to be creative with decadent details that not only blows away her guests but has them asking “are you doing that party again next year?”


From simple & gentle, to special & spectacular.

Extraordinarily Memorable!


Madonna is innovative. Her mind can go way out of the box to create sizzle and splash or she can dial in subtle detail ideas to be ever so charming and thoughtful. Professionally and in her heart, she truly wants you to have the event you envisioned. It’s because she loves what she does: Transforming ordinary events into a stunning success. She loves the process and wants you to join in the fun along the way. When it is over, clients gush and burst with “That was absolutely BEYOND perfect!” To watch her during an event, she is literally effervescent and sparkles with sheer delight at how it is unfolding.


The process is simple: 

Listen, Anticipate, Create, Execute and Deliver.


Details are her signature.  Nothing is ever left to chance. There will be no surprises because the level of detail she consistently demonstrates is the same level she expects of her partners and every vendor.


Madonna’s industry reputation is she consistently “raises the bar” by adding just a little something extra which makes the event stand apart. She pays attention to the client and their audience while also being known for her approachable, fun and gracious personality.


Today’s companies want an event management provider who has a solid grasp of business operations and communication. Having a proactive, team-effort approach to planning and problem solving, Madonna uses her communication skills and industry knowledge to support positive business solutions. 



Madonna entire business career has been in Oregon working in the private and public sectors. Her experience includes commercial escrow, project management, human resources, travel, tourism and aviation, emergency management, facilities, convention/event services, transportation and executive administration.


Eugene and the University of Oregon were Madonna’s first Oregon homes. She received a BS in International Business at U of O; completed Mediation Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, School of Law, Straus Institute, Malibu, California. She holds certification in Advanced ICS Command training from U.S. Homeland Security, FEMA; Emergency Management plus Critical Incident Response certification from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

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